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Episode 3 | Released April 20

Summer Days


"It was a different time back then" or at least, so we are told. In this episode of Where All Trails End – Stories of Scouting from the Pacific Northwest, hear about what Boy Scout camp was like in the 20th century and experience the Camp Parsons of today. Be prepared to experience the campfires, dining hall songs, troop life, the pier jump and decide for yourself whether Baden Powell was right when he declared “a week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room." This episode also features a profile on Bill Gates' scouting experience.

The Explorers

Episode 2 | Released Feb. 19

Since it first opened in 1919, Camp Parsons has been a base for scouting explorations into the Olympic Mountains. Some of these climbs proved historic in themselves, while others deserve to be told because of the climbers’ legacies that followed.


In this episode of Where All Trails End – Stories of Scouting From the Pacific Northwest, we tell the stories of scouts that literally trailblazed their way through the Olympics. Whether they went on to summit the world’s greatest peaks or fought to preserve the wilderness they grew to love, these scouts heard a calling in the ranges that changed their lives forever. This episode features interviews with Governor and US Senator Dan Evans, Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn, Scott Olsen, Keith Dingfeld, Bill Montgomery and more.

"What I remember most (from my first hike) is getting to the top of Mount Deception and looking around at all of the valleys, the lakes, the mountains and all the other places in the Olympics that were challenges for another hike. . ."
- Governor Dan J. Evans
About the Series

BRINNON, WASHINGTON - Most come to summer camp only looking for fun, but many leave Camp Parsons, a 100-year-old Boy Scout camp on the Puget Sound, with an even greater treasure. Parsons scouts were some of the first to explore the Olympic mountains, and have gone on to save lives, lead scientific expeditions, major companies, hold some of the highest offices in the United States and much more. 

In this radio documentary series, Ben Dietderich brings Camp Parsons to you. Hear for yourself what's behind the magic that makes so many grown men call this remote scout camp "home."

The Beginnings

Episode 1 | Released Oct. 7

Few know that the Boy Scouts of America is the largest youth organization in the United States. How did that come to be and is the organization still of value today?


In this first episode, Ben Dietderich traces scouting back to its origins. He lays out the important questions this five episode series will answer. Hear about a Camp Parsons staff member who played a critical role in the Apollo 11 moon landing and follow along as Ben introduces you to scouting and the sublime wilderness of the Olympic Peninsula.

"Why might I not be surprised that the first man to walk on the moon was an eagle scout?
Well, isn't the moon just really part of the wilderness?"
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